Shenseea “Hurt” By Nude Magazine Cover Photo

Monday, April 25, 2022, 3:29 PM GMT-5

Shenseea is pissed off about the nude Photoshop cover photo on Numéro Netherlands magazine. The singer is not pleased that the magazine published an unauthorized photo that was heavily edited, to the point where Shenseea felt like the image looked nothing like her.

Shenseea contended that the photo was published without her authorization in a series of Instagram Stories that the dancehall-turn-pop star posted online, arguing this will be the “First and LAST time” something so “disrespectful” will happen to her.

The cover photo that showed the ‘Blessed’ singer completely naked was pulled from the magazine shortly after its release. In the photo by Nikolai Kokanovic, Shenseea is edited to look thinner and angular as she posed with her floor-length hair. Shenseea does not look like her usual full-figured self with curves, instead, the photo has her looking a lot slimmer with a much smaller waist.

The cover photo that was shared on ZipFM’s Instagram page was captioned, “Shenseea on the cover of Numero Netherlands・・・Shenseea adorns our last but not least print cover! 💫. Rising global sensation SHENSEEA just released her debut album. ALPHA is a genre spanning album anchored in dancehall, hip hop and pop, that spotlights the Jamaican artist’s songwriting prowess and ear for insatiable melodies and hooks….SHENSEEA has ascended through Jamaica’s dancehall ranks to become one of the genre’s most sought-after artists.”

Sheseea reacted to the magazine cover photo by explaining that she felt “violated” by being so exposed to the public in a way she has never been before.

 “I literally feel violated! My whole privacy! I have never showed that much skin on the net ever!” Shenseea stated. “This is not my image or who I even portray to be. I did not approve that damm photo! I’m not even upset…. I’m hurt!!! Honestly!”

 She continued in another post saying, “Idgaf how big or small the magazine is. This is never happening to me again! That’s some BULLSHIT! And on top of it that edit is shit! Doesn’t even look like me. Once I start feeling like I don’t have control over my own career..I WILL END IT! My integrity and my peace matters to me.”

“I’m such a cool person but people really been showing me I need to be a bitch frfr! I hardly got rest and still showed up to that shoot, did 3 interviews during glam of that shoot, went above the number of looks I was told I would be doing FOR THAT SHOOT! I was tired as fuck doing that shoot! And this is what I fucking get????” she added.

Her last post read, “This is the First and LAST time this will ever happen to me! Then when artists change into BEASTS y’all complain! I don’t even spazz on the net!! This shit disrespectful dawg!”

Numéro is an international magazine that covers fashion, design, beauty, health, architecture, décor and trending celebrities. Numéro, as well as many other magazines, have done revealing cover photos with other celebrities and touched up the celebs to perfection with Photoshop, but Shenseea was definitely not having it.

The cover photo has so far been receiving mixed reactions from the public. While some persons did not like the photoshop changes and were speaking up about her nudity, there have been fans defending Shenseea, saying the photo was no different from what iconic celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna have done on magazine covers.

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