Shottas! A Jamaican Cult Classic Film

The Jamaican culture has many times, appeared in movies, showing the dynamic characteristic of the people and the beautiful areas but sometimes the hostile environments. One specific movie that has captured the essence and vibe of the Island, is the 2002 hit movie, “Shottas”, written by Cess Silvera.

Shottas aka Top Shottas featured many local entertainers who debuted in the movie as actors for the first time.

shottas movie

The film captures the story of two young boys who go by the names; Biggs and Wayne in the poverty-stricken community of Waterhouse, Kingston looking for a quick way to leave the desolate environment.

In their effort to get a better life, the young men decided that they would rob a soda truck which they did, and used the money to purchase Us visas to travel overseas.

After spending 20 long years abroad, Biggs, whose adult character was acted by; Ky-mani Marley, the son of reggae legend Bob Marley, was deported back to Jamaica, where he reunited with Wayne, played by Dancehall artiste Spragga Benz and the murderous Mad max whose role was given to veteran Jamaican actor, Paul Campbell.

Wayne and Max had already been deported and were operating locally, as criminals, extorting Politicians, and business people to live.

Once Biggs connected with Wayne and Max again, it was sure problems for the streets, as the three had grouped up again to make a mastermind team. Upon running into issues once more, they decided to leave Jamaica. to Miami, where they discovered that the ruthless “Teddy Bruck Shut” played by the late Louie Ranking, was running the place.

The story goes on with the three Jamaicans going on a slew of murders and robberies to reach the top of the thug life in Miami. For them, Teddy Bruckshut, was their main target, as he was at the top of the Miami chain of gangsters.

In their rampage to take Teddy Bruckshut’s spot as the top dogs of Miami, Mad Max and Wayne were killed in a deadly gun battle. It was after that tragedy that an enraged Biggs in revenge of his friends went and murdered Teddy Bruckshut at his home, wiping out his bodyguard and girlfriend with him.


After brutally resolving the big Miami conflict, Biggs left on a boat with prospects of starting a new life, which brought an end to the movie.

In the early times of production, the Film was reproduced in large bootlegged quantities, however, Ky-mani Marley said he had still made millions from the movie, produced by Wyclef John, Jennifer Farrell, and others.

Shottas is now globally recognized as a Cult classic film with many people stating that it’s the best movie they ever watched.

shottas movie poster cover
Shottas Movie Flyer/Poster/Cover

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