Silk Boss Disses Jahshii In New Song “Facts”

Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 7:42 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss has just squeezed the trigger of a lyrical battle, firing a diss track at fellow dancehall artiste Jahshii. Whether the shot he took was a deadly hit, a graze or a complete miss is entirely up to the fans rushing over to YouTube to hear the song.

Before dropping the single entitled ‘Facts’, Silk Boss hyped up his fans on his Instagram page for the release by sharing the song’s cover art, which featured a photo of Jahshii with a woman’s underwear on his head while a gun lined him up for a headshot.

At the beginning of the single, which is a collaboration between Ice Queen Records, Am Music and Pearce Dem Records, Silk Boss jumped right into dissing Jahshii and telling him to “run up” because his rifle will “bun dem up like seh a 10 destroyer”.

Indicating that he will murder everyone in Jahshii’s yard, Silk Boss again told him to “run up” because heads will open like Guava. Silk Boss went on to say that his foe, who kissed a “freaky girl” in Oakland, knew nothing about spitting bars.

In one of his lines, he also added, “Di don box yuh a Grants Pen and yuh know dat.”

He continued referring to his foe as an idiot who need a meter to keep up with his speed and detailed the slaughtering. “All big forrid Jahshii weh a point point pan keisha, tell him a bad man procedure,” he said.

Further in the song, Silk Boss asked, “So how yuh friend a f-ck yuh baby madda? A who a boots up dis yah fag yah?”

Listen to Silk Boss’ diss track below.

Prior to the song’s release, Silk Boss was mocked by many fans who felt that he had a death wish for targeting Jahshii. As you may recall, Jahshii and Silk Boss have been on opposite sides since Jahshii and Moyann dropped ‘How We A Live’, which had a line referencing the leaked sex tape of Silk Boss and his girlfriend/manager Brii. Jahshii also made a mocking remark at the After Champs party, indicating that he could steal Brii from Silk Boss.

However, the track on YouTube has been receiving good reactions and comments from viewers who expressed that the entertainer took them by surprise. All of the comments are cheering on a lyrical battle between the two dancehall deejays, indicating that a clash is long overdue in dancehall.

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