Silk Boss Kills Fake Friend In “Surgery” Official Music Video

Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 3:27 PM

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss has teamed up with “Real Bang Records” and “Yard Boiiz Films” to release a new track entitled “Surgery”, with an official music video that highlights the hurt which he has experienced due to friendships.

To start the song Silk uses the chorus to outline that his heart is hurting him and he needs a surgery due to the amount of pain he has felt at the hands of those he trusted. He goes on to emphasize his deep emotions in the song section by repeating the lyrics in a falsetto manner, which he then balances out with the tone in the first verse.


In the verses of the song, Silk Boss uses his words to metaphorically describe how much pain he has felt at the hands of friends by making it known that his heart is still bleeding from all the events that have left him broken with no option but to go to the street and get things fixed. He also used the verses of the song to describe how fake others have gotten towards him, to the point of grimeyness where if he does not mind they would want his life taken.

As such the “Mankind” deejay’s video reflected just what he was singing about as the film showed him vibing in his vehicle with persons who he saw as friends, even handing out liquor and a coil of money to what specific person who was the same one to sell him out.

The video also shows how the person got hype over the money given to him and even appeared to have been playing selfish with it even when it was supposed to be shared up and the video shows the deejay and other men going for the fake friend and erasing him from the face of the earth. 

Watch Surgery Official music video below by Silk Boss.

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