Sir P Thanks Shawn Storm’s Attorney for Bringing ‘Politricks Watch’ To Forefront of Jamaican Media

Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 7:40 PM

Anonymous blogger Sir P extended his thanks to incarcerated Dancehall artiste Shawn Storm and his attorneys on Tuesday for bringing his YouTube channel, Politricks Watch, to the forefront of Jamaican media.

Shawn Storm, born Shawn Campbell, is currently seeking his release alongside his mentor, Vybz Kartel, in the Jamaica Court of Appeal. On day one of the hearing, which will decide their fate, Shawn Storm’s attorneys presented an affidavit that argued that vloggers like Sir P may prevent their client from getting a fair retrial.


In the latest video on the Politricks channel, Sir P described Shawn Storm as a flunkey and said that he and his team were simply trying to paint a narrative that may help their “lord and saviour, and shepherd,” Kartel.

The vlogger expressed that whatever victory the deejay’s “stunt” managed to gain during yesterday’s hearing, it would be a short-lived one.

On the other hand, by mentioning the channel in his affidavit on Monday, Sir P said Shawn Storm had done his movement a favour and had legitimised his message. According to Sir P, after yesterday’s media attention, new viewers had begun binge-watching his videos; thus, Shawn Storm had done something that his money could not do.

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“Di movement a get more and more effective. But no matter weh mi seh dem would still act like the movement never exist. Until now. Dem did affi ansa certain tings weh dem si inna di Gleaner or Observer or Nationwide but dem neva affi ansa nutting wid me [ … ] what is a lickle YouTuber? Never heard of him,” Sir P stated.

However, the vlogger added that his movement is now officially recognised and evidently the most feared.

“Shawn fraud and his lawyer guy, by extension Barabas (Vybz Kartel) and di whole team, just made the Jamaican justice system officially recognise the movement [ … ] They not only acknowledge that the movement exist but it is the most feared platform today.”

In regards to the affidavit’s accusations that his channel is a potential source of corruption that could taint a jury, Sir P highlighted that the OJ Simpson murder trial was heavily covered by the media yet was not hindered.

Watch the video with Sir P below.

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