Sizzla Burns a Fire On The Government And The Wearing Of Masks

Sunday, November 1, 2020, 9:07 PM GMT-5

Since veteran Reggae artiste, Buju Banton gave his two cents on the wearing of masks, Jamaicans have been looking to see if other entertainers would rise and speak out, like what the Gargamel had done and indeed that did happen.

The latest artiste to give a commentary on what is happening is Sizzla Kalonji, the man who is not afraid to burn fire when the time comes.

In a recent social media video done by the “solid as a rock” artiste, he addressed that times are getting down to the wire, and especially now we must empower the women of the country to lead the children in the right direction since many of them have to be home tutoring the kids.

In touching on the point of teaching the children, he also spoke on the institutions and conditions of the country.

Kalonji pointed out that the system does not provide any opportunities for youths leaving colleges and universities, so things like Jobs and homes are not readily available to them upon leaving school.

He spoke on the issues to point out that these are very important things that the government should take into consideration however, they are pushing an agenda.

Sizzla made reference to the leaders that they should be serving and protecting the people, they are only concerned with serving and protecting their boss.

Even though no name was mentioned by the singjay in relation to who the boss is, It was clear that he was referring to the Most honourable “brogad”.

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In delivering his point the ” Dry cries” artiste said that Jamaica should also be exporting more than they are importing, with him further questioning why the country is not manufacturing its technology.

Sizzla stated that a way out would be, for the leaders to make use of the people’s natural talents as well as for the people themselves to make use of their lands as it is indeed the end times.

COVID-19 Sparks Worldwide War for Masks and Gears

In closing out his talk, the reggae icon was not afraid to blaze the fire even higher by ridiculing the wearing of masks.

According to Kalonji, mechanics use thicker masks to protect themselves against things less deadly than Covid-19, while it just requires a thin mask and social distancing for protection against the virus.

He went on further to state that it has to be a trick, reasoning that since the masks work, why is there a need for social distancing or a vaccine.

In the eyes of Sizzla and many other Rastafarians, Covid-19 is one big agenda that the leaders are using to replace humans with machines.

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