Buju Bashed! for “No Mask” Comments

Thursday, October 22, 2020, 9:46 AM GMT-5

The Gargamel took to his Instagram page 24 hours ago to update his fans on what he believes is currently taking place in the world when it comes to the rampant COVID-19, according to the veteran artiste, the government is leading the people astray when it comes to wearing masks.

Buju outline that he will not be wearing any mask because he believes that the “intellectual fools” are again trying to tell people how to live their lives when they can’t even find the cure for cancer. people are going to die regardless of wearing masks stats Banton.

As a result of these stern comments, several Jamaican’s have agreed with Buju while the majority seem to disagree on this point with the “not an easy road” singer.

Many persons have since pointed out that Buju himself is currently selling masks on his website while two of his daughters have since urged persons to wear a mask contrary to their father’s opinion on the matter.

One person commented “Not defending buju Banton but to be honest do y’all really think Buju have a clue abt ig or a online store that sells his merchandise.The man hardly know fe use a smart phone,I know first hand COVID-19 is really real but something else is going on that we not seeing smoke mirrors”.

Another former fan commented , “I lose respect for buju has a public fig he should know better. Who wah dead. Dead don’t make sense buju. You have so much people support you when come from prison and this is how you show them love. Open your eyes. There’s more than a million dead worldwide. And you use your platform. To tell them go dead shame on you”.

See the video that was posted, then removed from his Instagram below.


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See more comments from fans below.

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