Kanye West Visits Buju Banton to Discuss their Upcoming Collaboration

Social media users were actively discussing the photo that was reportedly taken at the Gargamel’s Studios in Kingston, Banton and Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke included and the caption on the photo was “GREATNESS IN THE MAKING”

Reports stated that Kanye West and his friends visited Jamaica for rest and relaxation for a few days, and while they were on their way to the North Coast hotel they stopped by the studio in order to visit Banton.


Donovan Germain revealed that there was a collaboration between Kanye and Buju and it is not a totally new thing.

There were other images that have been circulating of the American rapper and his friends at the Gargamel’s studio. One of the photos was posted by the young rapper Saint JHN. His song, “Roses”, was named the ‘song of the summer’ by Rolling Stone.

Germain, the Penthouse Record Label owner and producer added that a song was done earlier in the year and nothing musically is happening now.  He was not able to confirm a date for the release of this track as yet.

Kanye was in Jamaica and hosted his Sunday service in New Kingston at the Emancipation Park almost a year ago.

The question about him traveling from the US where the cases of COVID-19 seems out of control caused some Jamaicans to be concerned and, because the photograph was posted by Kanye, many persons wondered whether the rapper was in quarantined and if he was following the COVID-19 protocols that are now a part of everyday life on the island.

However, it is possible that West was tested and he is free to visit anyone he wants to visit. The senior communications strategist for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Dennis Brooks revealed that it is possible for Kanye to avoid quarantine without doing anything wrong It has been reported that all US residents who travel to Jamaica must receive and upload a COVID-19 PCR Test result, this is their travel authorization approval. The test should not be done more than 10 days before they land on the island.

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There are other ways to get approval and he could gain approval to be visiting the island on business and testing could be different. It is possible that he is just here on business and met Buju Banton to discuss their project.

Brooks also revealed that there are orders Kanye could have signed too as there are different regimes that are particular to the purpose of travel when he landed, and there was no protocol that he knew of that was breached by the rapper at the time.

While in Studio, according to fans Buju gave Kanye some needed advice, see the possible advice below.

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