Mr. Vegas addresses Buju Banton’s “No Mask” Statement

Friday, October 23, 2020, 7:01 PM GMT-5

According to Mr. Vegas, it’s irresponsible to tell persons not to wear a mask when something is clearly out there regardless if we are going through “a plandemic or a pandemic”.

The “heads high” artiste stated that he is not directly talking about a particular person “mi nah address nuh specific person because is not just one person saying thing” he states, however, persons are arguing that the timing of his video about wearing masks is directly after Buju Banton’s recent video telling persons to not wear masks.

“Jamaican people need to wake up… mi nah wear nuh mask… mask neva mek fi man” stated the Gargamel several days ago.

Mr. Vegas believes that when something wrong is said by an influential person, he sees it fit to try and correct and inform people that may get lead astray by “selfish believes”.

Vegas recalls Toots Hibbert who recently passed away as a result of COVID-19 and states that something out there is in fact killing people because Toots recently performed and was going on strong.

“Let us be more responsible with what we are putting out there people” he went on to express that a lot of persons have been suffering since the pandemic “wear yo mask man” he urges people. He went on to remind us that doctors wear masks every day plus persons in china wear masks because of the heavy pollution they live in.

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He also outlines that if one has a medical reason to not wear a mask he/she should go to a doctor and get a document showing that he/she should not wear a mask.

One person commented “I took my covid test a few days ago and I am negative. However, the people who say don’t wear masks should pay for the funerals of those that died” while another stated, “Talk the thing as it is Mr. Vegas, I am with you on this”.

Watch Mr. Vegas’s full statement below

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