Mr. Vegas and Skatta Burrell Explains why Kartel and Bounty are Fake Leaders In Dancehall

August 23, 2020

Dancehallers Mr. Vegas and Skatta Burrell went on live to address Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer with regards to the ongoing debate of young dancehall artistes making Dubplates for the politicians.

According to both Vegas and Skatta the veteran artistes of Dancehall are Playing Hypocrites as they have performed for politicians in the past, further more persons in dancehall are unable to put the right plans into place to help move the industry forward.


Instead of the cursing online, Vegas suggests that the artistes should focus on getting venues and policies in place to help dancehall grow, Skatta highlighted the fact that the artistes are crying victim when they are not doing the right things, instead, they always on the reaction mode and quick to act ignorant.

bounty killer

Both Vegas and Skatta went on to explain that if themselves and others don’t agree with Bounty and company they are then labeled as gay, fish and all type of bad names.

According to Vegas, the dubplates are PR work for most of the artistes who are looking to stay current during the election period, while Skatta believes that if dancehall artistes did not make the dubplates then soca artistes would have done the dubs with no issue.

Mr. Vegas then states that Jamaicans are one of the reasons why gays are getting notarization across the world “a Jamaican people promote gay worldwide.. nuh body neva did a look pan dem”. He explains that bashing gays in songs usually was the biggest thing in a song and this in return boasted “gay” popularity.

Skatta suggests that Bounty Killer should run for counselor because he will be able to do more good that way instead of bashing people online while Vegas suggests that Vybz Kartel starts counseling vulnerable youths who don’t know how to make good of their lives.

With regards to dancehall and politics, Mr. Vegas reminds us that the first song “weh press a Jamaica was press by a politician” hence it’s futile to try and get politicians out of dancehall.


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Both Skatta and Vegas agreed that they rather hear dubplates from Dancehall artistes supporting Politicians than hearing dubplates from the artistes supporting dons and area leaders.

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