Bounty Killer calls Mr. Vegas “Dancehall Filt… batty face gay-gas” in this lengthy Statement

Thursday, August 20, 2020, 1:48 PM

The Bounty killer and Mr. Vegas saga continue for yet another year, the over a decade old feud has been re-ignited after Mr. Vegas called Bounty Killer a hypocrite after he bashed dancehall artistes making dubs for politicians.

According to Mr. Vegas if we check the files we would see that Bounty killer and others have supported politics in the past. He went on to claim that some artistes are upset now because they were not called for a dubplate as a result of not having a hot song.


Bounty Killer did not take to Mr. Vegas’s claims lightly and as a result, got cross, angry and miserable at Vegas. Bounty in a long statement directed at Mr. Vegas states that the “heads High” singer did not use his platform to highlight social issues at the prime of his career. He also labeled Vegas as “dancehall Filt” and claims that Vegas was beaten by his male lover in New York after they spent time together in a hotel.

See bounty’s full statement below.

Bounty continued “dubs just a few dubs during elections that equivalent to Jamaica’s future that’s what u encouraging the youths to do go fold up under sum weh wid yu old clothes career batty bitch witch unuh tag mek mi bag🎣🤔😅🤣”

In reply to Bounty killer’s statement Mr. Vegas states that all of Bounty Kilelrs’s claims were false, he also went on to suggest that Bounty get someone to help him write and also check his statements before he posts them online as his statement has too many errors.

Mr. Vegas in his reply stated that he “rate” Bounty Killer regardless of the insults he continues to fire at him.

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Bounty Killer posted himself performing his hit song titled “look into my eyes” however Mr. Vegas was quick to point out that Bounty killer did not write that song “please remember is Dave Kelly wrote that song” Vegas states, you just sing it. He also highlighted that Bounty killer makes songs about violence and robbing people in the past.

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