Skeng Drops “Eediattt” Music Video Featuring Jigsta

Giving dancehall raw energy and a touch of the olden days, Skeng released the music video for his song Eediattt, which debuted on his EP Beast Of The Era. The song, which features Jigsta, is a raunchy dance track for ladies of all Caribbean descent.

Two days after the songs debut, the music video brings vibrant Rastafarian colours and a slightly old-school vibe. The song begins with the Hill and Gully Rider mento before Jigsta switches the flow, and Skeng kicks off the first verse. Skeng, who plays the role of a conductor, begins with a question directed to a female who he says is a mother of three and “F*ck fi three gran.”

“Spain Town gunman dig out yuh junction. We mek sensible gyal malfunction. Stupid and dunce man, senseless action, a weh di fatty boom boom? A weh di slim one,” he continues. Following Skeng’s verse Jigsta addresses the ladies, giving them instructions, such as “hug up yuh friend my girl and bounce all bout.”

“Hey gyal yah eediattt”? Yah mascot? last week mi hear yuh friend get box up. Some gyal chat tuff and yuh deh yah soft up. Mi wudda beat up a gyal wid a Magnum,” Skeng added. Skeng can be seen on a bus branded “DropTop Records RG Ratty Gang” among many dancers and in the street, where the women executed various dance routines. As the day changes tonight, the festivities continue before relocating indoors.

 “Mi want every Guyanese gyal dem, di bad one dem. St Vincent gyal dem a mad dem. Trini bad gyal dem push up yuh hand dem. Every Caribbean Gyal a your anthem. Yaad gyal a problem, but mi still love dem,” Skeng sang.

The video, produced by Droptop Records, has already garnered over 51k views and more than 17k likes since it was released on YouTube hours ago. Fans have been praising the song and the Ratty Gang Boss for his talents in the comments.

Watch Skeng’s music video below.

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