Skeng Talks About His “Coke Head Friend”

Monday, June 6, 2022, 9:26 PM GMT-5

Skeng is clearly not phased by the rumours of allegedly taking drugs, which ignited from his songs popularizing Molly and his alleged drugged up behaviour. In fact, the fast-rising dancehall artiste seems to be embracing the rumours in a song where he sings “mi a circle dem ends wid mi coke head friend”.

The track entitle “Trinidad” was uploaded on Majestik Records YouTube channel and was detailed in the description to be Skeng’s new song, however, there has been no confirmation if this is true.

The single, sticking to Skeng’s gunman badness reputation, is another hot track about what exactly his guns and friends were capable of.

Skeng warns that when his “gun dem bus, smaddy affi duck” and also mentions using bottle explosives.

Further in the track, Skeng warned “mi friend dem mad and anuh nuh joke, nuh gimmicks,” while adding that his style is “sick”, which many people can agree with as the singer hit stardom quickly at the beginning of his career, and has since managed to stay a hot topic whether for his infectious hit singles or his wild and unbeatable energy.

Meanwhile, the comments section is filled with praises from supporters and Ratty Gang fans who believe “dancehall needed Skeng”.

One person commented on his talent, saying, “This man full of talent he just need to cut off the damn Molly.”

Listen to the track entitled “Trinidad” below.

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