Spanish Town Serial Killers Interviewed – Video

“Mi neeven memba when mi a start kill people,” says one of the men who was interviewed about his criminal activities, according to the preditor, he started in 9 grade and now he’s 25 years old. He went on to outline that he does not rape nor kill women but he is willing to do anything else in the crime world.

“We nuh beat people we kill people,” says the other individual who mentioned that he does not hurt his friends or family members unless they switch.

The proclaimed killer outlined that age doesn’t make much of a difference, it’s all about having the guts to do the dirty work. He blames parents for the most part when it comes to juveniles becoming killers because the parents should see to it that the youngsters are inside and away from wrong dong, he also highlights that his parents were not involved in his life and his father wants him to die.

When it comes to getting paid for a contract killing work, from the money is right the job will be done, “People affi dead fi people live a suh me see it… Sometimes man not even wah kill people… man want betta yeah… but dem mek man choose fi duh the worse.”

The men explain that they are always on the move, trying not to get caught by the police or worse their enemies. One of the men also recalls residents helping him to escape law enforcers in the past.

Watch the full interviews below.

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