Spice And Foota Hype At It Again “Yuh Mumma Make A Disgrace Move When You Born”

Thursday, June 30, 2022, 10:38 AM GMT-5

In the latest round in their ongoing feud, Queen of Dancehall Spice and the forever outspoken DJ/Producer Foota Hype exchange words on Instagram. ZJ Sparks posted a short clip of spice on her Instagram page showing the artiste performing at the Canadian LGBTQ+ Pride Toronto Festival that was held last week.

In the video, Spice can be seen expressing her excitement as Spotify displayed her face on a billboard for their Equal Campaign for which she is an ambassador. In the caption, ZJ Sparks wrote: “@spiceofficial for @spotify Equal Campaign !!! Mek moves” It was soon after in the comments section of the post that Foota Hype declared that: “This is disgrace move” and Spice quickly responded.

“Yuh Mumma make a disgrace move when you born,” she wrote. Continuing the Tit for Tat between him and the artiste Foota Hype posted: mi say wah mi say already and mi nuh affi try diss u mother fi say it this mission is bigger than arrogance learn that u need fi know uself moral wise and spiritual wise.”

The producer then went back and forth with a commentator who disagreed with his actions and one viewer, while expressing that she thought spice went too far said: “This was not nice spice. I thought u were going to ignore things what if someone said that about u not nice at all me love u girl I support ur music big time but I don’t support hurting people”.

In response, Spice wrote: “Everything unu want me fi bloodclaat ignore‼️ TELL THE HYPOCRITE DEM FI IGNORE MI. Simple, it always ok fi dem hurt me but when mi hurt dem unu have a problem, YUH NEVER SEE WHEN HIM SAY MI A DISGRACE.” Spice went on to say that she will not allow anyone to walk all over her and that she was fine if she lost the viewer as a fan.

The feud between Foota Hype and Spice erupted last year after it was announced that Spice would be headlining the Pride Toronto festival, the announcement coming just a day after Foota Hype called out Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae entertainers for either being complicit or promoting homosexual activities. Foota Hype said that Spice’s decision to support the gay community by attending the festival left him feeling defeated, embarrassed and betrayed. He also said that morals and values no longer mattered to some artistes and that they were putting money above the preservation of the culture.

Spice called out Foota’s hypocrisy by posting several pictures of him wearing clothes by designers who were gay and advised him to stop. But the back and forth between artiste and selector continued ultimately leading to Foota’s Instagram page being permanently banned for his comments. Foota then started to use his ‘galliswednesdayz’ IG page as his personal page.

A little over a month later at the Galdies Promotion’s Bounce Musik Festival held at the Genesis Outdoor Event Centre in Orlando, Spice made fun of Foota, who was also working at the show, after a fan invited on stage declared that she wanted a ‘part-time’ female companion.

She asked how much the woman paid to attend the show and then jeered Foota for unknowingly pocketing money from someone who was a part of the LGBTQ community.

Spice has expressed that she does not discriminate nor cares what anyone wants to do and Jamaican-born Dr Andrew B. Campbell, who introduced Spice at the Pride Toronto Festival said, “Spice being here, is more than just entertainment. It’s a political statement. It is saying to Dancehall and deejays and artists, who are homophobic, that we are not standing for homophobia and transphobia, anymore.”

“It is a political statement that Spice is standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community,” said Campbell.

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