Squash addresses Heavy D and Producer Drama

October 25, 2020

Squash who is currently in the USA seemingly to avoid the Jamaican cops has once again found his name being called for the wrong reasons. According to Heavy D, Squash’s former manager “Mi nuh know how him survive him suh fool… him nuh rich and nuh aright”.

Now Squash returns to clear his name after being unable to solve things via IG direct messages with Studious producer. In a new song “Still a roam” Squash sings about people talking a lot of things about him even when they are not correct, he also outlines that persons gonna talk bad on you regardless, even if you are doing good.


Earlier manager Heavy D told the Jamaica Star that “People have the wrong concept of everything and a call me all kinda things because it look like me a collect money fi artiste and dem don’t know”.

Squash new album

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He went on to explain that Squash saw a person DM him online asking him about work that is to be done, Heavy D explains that Squash did not know of the producer hence his response was “him nuh know nothing ’bout that” which was expected because Squash did not collect the money directly from the Producer.

Studious Ent earlier stated that $350k was paid to Heavy D for a song from Squash, the money was accepted however 5 months after the payment a song was not produced, according to the producer and Heavy D in leaked voicenotes, Squash was broke and acting like he’s rich however Squash has come forward to clear the smoke.

Squash outlines that contrary to what’s being said in the media he’s not broke and has been rich before music, highlighting that he bought his house cash without a loan.

SOME LYRICS: “chatty chatty su suh suh.. dem chat a bag a things all when it neva guh suh”.


Released on October 25th, 2020, Still A Roam is expected to dominate Jamaica’s youtube trending charts in the next few days. Watch the music video below.

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