Squash Drops “Flames In Ma Eyes” Music Video

Friday, October 28, 2022, 6:32 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Squash released a new track entitled Flames In Ma Eyes, accompanied by visuals on YouTube. Throughout this, he vents his pain and made remarks about the rumours of his involvement in the Lauderhill shooting in Florida.

The 6iiix Boss started the intro by expressing that nothing in the world surprised him anymore after his experiences. “A wah fi frighten mi? Mi fren tun p*ssy and mi gyal lie to mi, tings don’t surprising, nuting nuh frighten mi,” he deejayed.

He continues by telling his mother that there were people who wanted him to die, “Hey Mommy, dem wah fi see mi dead a how yuh manage, but yuh son nuh got nuh heart becaw mi damage. Nutn nuh change all when mi deh a foreign.”

Squash then adds that he always travels with his firearm, while highlighting that he trusts no one. He also mentioned his daughter and questioned how he could die now when she needs to go to college.

“Flames in ma eyes, pain in my cry, a pray mi pray fi every brain mi fly. Every rifle up, a nuff shot mi buy. Nah gi dem chance fi come take mi life,” he sings in the chorus while the video constantly transitions from a room where he is seated with a firearm to outside where he is walking.

The video also includes clips of his mother and his daughter.

Watch Squash’s Flames In Ma Eyes music below.

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