St. Ann Based Artistes United in Dancehall ‘Memorial’

In a show of unity and good faith, St. Ann-based dancehall artistes Kraff, Xklusive, and Pablo YG join forces to collaborate on a song entitled Memorial. It’s often conveyed by dancehall players, including producers, fans and artistes, that the lack of unity within the dancehall industry is keeping dancehall as a whole from ascending to the next level.

Therefore, seeing three dancehall entertainers who hail from the same parish united on one track is a good look for many dancehall fans and industry players. The song produced by Tripledose Production surrounds the relatable topic of losing your loved ones and remaining resilient despite the tremendous loss.

The music video uploaded to dancehall artiste Xklusive’s Youtube channel is currently trending on youtube’s Trending Chart for Jamaica. Xklusive starts off the song by delivering some life lessons through his lyrics, “holding firm no regrets a just lesson mi learn” he sings.

As the chorus sang by Pablo YG states, “Big up me dog dem pon the concrete still deh yah a gwaan dweet nuff a me dog deh a heaven now still deh yah party Jah know me know seh me miss yuh now still deh yah a guaan dweet.”

The music video shot by the same production team Tripledose alongside @sanie_dust shows the three artistes united with their friends as they reflect on the memories they shared with the loved ones they have lost.

Trending artiste Kraff echoed the same sentiment as Pablo YG in his verse on the track. “Fire shot fi me dead fren dem tun it inna air dog mek the belly extended miss uno dog could heaven or hell pain live inna me thoughts brain live inna the past,” Kraff sang.

‘Memorial’ is distributed by Marvement and is currently available on all digital platforms.

See the music video for ‘Memorial’ below:


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