St. Thomas Woman Explains Why She Housed “Davian Bryan”

A St. Thomas woman has come out to explain on Saturday why is it that she provided a place for Davian Bryan after he was given the first set of charges at a Portland Police station in 2020 for rape and an illegal gun for which he got bail.

According to the Jamaica Star who brought the story first, after Bryan’s arrest, he was given bail, however, his sister wanted to get somewhere for him to rent but Sandra who ended up doing the safekeeping favour for Bryan was not able to provide a place to rent but allowed him to stay with her as his sister begged her to do so even if he has to stay in the toilet. According to the woman who the now arrested Bryan stayed with at her house in Bath St. Thomas she was not aware that he was charged for rape and said she was only knowledgeable of the booking for the illegal gun.

As such Sandra said what she did was to give him her room and stay in another with her six-year-old Granddaughter and things operated smoothly with the now detained man getting along with everyone but things changed after a while since October 14, 2021, when Bryan was accused of attempting to assault a woman taking a bath at the Plantain River. Since then it has been reported that Bryan went on to kidnap a 9-year-year-old girl by the name of Phylissa Prussia, who disappeared from her home in Bath, St. Thomas only to be found two days later in the bushes.

Right after the situation had occurred Bryan was reported to have struck again when 13-year-old Winshae Barrett was also taken from her residence, she was later was found in a condition that saw her psychologically impacted and weak.

According to Sandra, the situation has left her in a very awkward position because she had to leave her community of Bath which she resided at since she was 10 years old as the residents of the community bashed her for entertaining a rapist in her home.

According to the woman who housed Bryan, on the day that Prussia was abducted she stated that the man was behaving strange and told her that his aim was to go to the river to catch fish to cook for the dinner. It was reported by the woman though that after the now arrested man went to catch the fish he proceeded to go to a bar which Sandra knew because she went there and saw him then began to scold him about being on the road when he was not supposed to which was the reason why she claimed he left to go home and cook.

Once they were at home, the woman said she was surprised to see a woman running to her house telling her Bryan had tried to assault her at the river after she had finished a bath. The woman went on to make it known that the man tried running her down leading to her getting caught in an accident which saw her getting a barb wire cut. According to Sandra, the incident made her think that she could no longer keep Bryan at her house any longer added with the fact that she got reports after stating that the now detained man had abducted 9-year-old Phylissa Prussia which made her think that he could have done the same to her granddaughter.

As a result of Bryan’s actions, Sandra explained to the Jamaica Star that she received an aggravated response from members of her community who went ahead and had her house set on fire, damaging windows and doors almost destroying the building totally.

As to the arrest of the man, the woman who housed him stated that she was happy about the matter and was even brought to tears because she was left in fear over him being loose on the streets.

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