Stefflon Don’s Mother Responds to Jada Kingdom’s Diss Song

Thursday, January 11, 2024, 9:17 AM GMT-5

The clash between dancehall artistes Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don has taken the internet by storm. The feud that has been making international headlines has prompted a response from Stefflon Don’s mother, who also took hits in Jada’s second diss track.

In the ferocious song, STEFF LAZARUS, Jada calls out multiple members of the family and accuses Stefflon Don’s mother, Mariah London aka @mummalondon, of being a cougar who dates younger guys and takes care of them.

The Song: Jada Kingdom Says She Doesn’t Take “Coke” In New Stefflon Don Diss Song ‘STEFF LAZARUS’

Mariah London

“Yuh mumma a di next one, tell har lef young bwoy mek him f**k di young gal dem. a use yuh daughter money mine man, hear deh. She run go f**k Beenie Man, dat a nuh hear say. She a dash p***y from she have you inna belly,” Jada deejayed in the track.

Following the release of the song on Wednesday night, Mariah posted a message for Jada Kingdom on her Instagram Stories, denying the claims.

“Fist ting every man mi deh with never no young boy mi don’t mind no man mi younger than man mi ever deh with mi never deh no young boy and don’t mind a three man mi ever dey with @jadakingdom,” Mariah wrote.

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