Survivor: Beryllium Security Guard Says “Them Nah Get My Three Points Right Yah So”

A security guard who survived last Sunday’s armed robbery at a shopping mall in Portmore, St Cathrine, gave an eye-opening interview at his bedside in a hospital. The guard, who was also an ex-JDF (Jamaica Defence Force) soldier, says it was instincts he used to survive the attack.

The unidentified man also stated that he was the driver of the Beryllium van transporting over $23 million that came under fire by a carload of Gunmen.


The security guard explained to the interviewer what transpired that terrifying day, ”pull up a the ATM, the man them come outta the vehicle, me wul down mi head fi a minute, hear an explosion, look at door( bank door) cause me see seh them reach a the door, see them bill and them scampe off, me look to the left me see one person stand up like a e rifle him have inna him shoulder, so that time me just start fire, get the vehicle in reverse an try tek weh me self,” the security guard told the reporter.

As one of the three guards who survived the armed robbery, he pointed out that they went to service several other ATMs before they encountered the thieves around 12: 40pm last Sunday. According to reports, the robbers got away with over $23 million.

When asked by the interviewer how he survived that day, the skilled driver gave credit to the experience he garnered in the JDF and because he told himself, “them nah get my three points right yah so enuh, tek it some weh else but ano right yah so a nuh today them a get it.”

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The guard said he only got one shot, for which he was grateful, as it could have been worst. The guard also helped rescue one of his co-workers, who he eventually drove to the hospital. The unidentified man expressed his disappointment with the security company he is employed by for not providing armoured vehicles.

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