Suspect In The Shooting Of The St. Elizabeth Chinese Couple Arrested

Monday, February 7, 2022, 4:53 PM

It is understood that the suspected shooter in the incident of the murdered Chinese couple at the Jo Jo’s Supermarket they owned in St. Elizabeth has been arrested after the Police has been trailing him and the other men involved since the news broke out, and their partial identities were revealed to the public via CCTV footage.

The suspected man was picked up on Friday night in the parish of St. Ann along with the other men alleged to have taken part in the killing of the Chinese business owners, and the robbing of their establishment on Christmas Eve.


The arrests took place as a part of Police operations that have been taking place in the last two weeks.

According to TVJ news, a firearm was also taken from the men, which is currently being investigated by forensics to see if the weapon has any connection to other murders.

The men however are also alleged by the Police to have connections to the killing of a 40-year-old businessman in Three Hills, Retreat St. Mary, where the man was killed while sleeping in his yard and his licensed firearm taken from him.

They have also been linked to the killing of a woman and a customer of hers at her establishment in Whitehouse, Westmoreland where they were also accused of taking off with some money.

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