Tommy Lee to Sue Jamaica Government $100mil

Friday, August 21, 2020, 2:03 AM GMT-5

Mobay dancehall entertainer Tommy lee Sparta was released from police custody on August 17th after being held for over a month under SOE grounds.

Now that the artiste is a free man while talking to LOOP, Tommy lee’s attorney Earnest Smith highlighted that he will be heading back to the courts with his client as they seek compensation for the damages done to the artiste’s career over the past five years.


It was earlier stated by Tommy Lee himself and now his Attorney that bookings dropped after police told several promoters that if they put Tommy Lee on their show their event permit will not be granted, because of this the deejay is reporting tens of millions in loses.

See Tommy Lee’s Attorney statement below about there next move.

It’s widely believed that Tommy Lee was released from lockup because PM Holness paused SOE operations however his lawyer Ernest Smith believes his client would still be released before 90 days had the PM not call a general election.

Tommy Lee is currently in Kingston and is yet to appear in the public since being released from lockup, he is also yet to speak on the matter.

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Tommy Lee Sparta was taken into custody as a person of interest on July 7 after his name had been attached to the upsurge in violence in Flankers Montego Bay.

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