Tony Matterhorn Makes Fun Of Beenie Man

Thursday, December 2, 2021, 6:08 PM GMT-5

After veteran Dancehall artiste Beenie Man was spotted in the United Kingdom with his new boo Camille Lee, Jamaica took the story and ran with it and it even seemed to have riled up a few women which have popular selector Tony Matterhorn laughing away.

Matterhorn spoke on the matter in an Instagram live he did where he was making fun of the females that were previously with Beenie Man, talking in a manner that suggests they might be jealous. The “Girls dem sugar” was seen with Lee, celebrating her birthday, giving her flowers and even having a romantic kissing and cuddling moment on camera which went viral.


Immediately after the video release, some voice notes began to circulate with one of the singer’s alleged mother in law making threatening talks against Beenie Man for how he treated her daughter and stating what she is planning to do to his new girlfriend and himself.

The entertainer did not respond however, Tony Matterhorn did, and even though he described Beenie as a girl’s man, the selector still made fun of the artiste, in a way that sent a message to him to let him know that it Is the love for women that he has, that has led him into the current situation.

Watch the live chat below.

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