Tony Matterhorn Says He’s ‘The Gate-Keeper’ in Dancehall and Names Top 5 Dancehall Artistes for 2023 “Mi know everything” – Watch Video

Wednesday, December 27, 2023, 5:05 AM GMT-5

Hard-talking dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn reveals why he is ‘the gatekeeper’ in dancehall and the most consistent person in the genre. The selector also names his top five dancehall artistes, for 2023 and gives the reasons for his selection.

Tony Matterhorn explains why he is the only gatekeeper in dancehall by stating, “A me a the gatekeeper, them nah nuh other gatekeeper a one person a keep the dance gate and a me cause me a the only the consistent, not really the only, but the most consistent weh from dem time deh till now, all year round Matterhorn stay current enuh.”

According to the selector, based on the status and experience he has, he’s the main person to seek, for information on matters related to dancehall. In his follow-up interview on the DHS podcast, Matterhorn claimed credit for predicting that Genahsyde would have prevailed over Unruly. 

Tony Matterhorn

In terms of the best-performing dancehall artistes for 2023, Matterhorn named Masicka, Valiant, Teejay, Chronic Law and Najeeriii in his top-five list, with Kraff and 450 just missing the cut. For the top spot on his list, Matterhorn said it was a close finish between Masicka and Teejay, however, Teejay got the nod, due to the cross-over element of his hit, Drift.

Matterhorn also had a few choice words for artistes and those who had an issue with his list and his utterances, “Listen, nuh artiste caa chat to me or ge me nuh chat cause artiste yuh nuh play inna bloodcl**t dance, yuh ah yuh likkle friend dem sidung and pop molly or uno do wah uno do and bun weed, uno nevin go studio uno go in front a laptop a sing and we love that, but a nuh uno a play the song them.”

Watch the interview below:

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