Tony Matterhorn Shows Off Weapon and Defends Being a Gatekeeper

Not taking kindly to any threats against him, veteran sound system selector Tony Matterhorn displayed just how prepared he is during a live stream as he acknowledged being a gatekeeper.

Matterhorn has received massive criticism in the past from both his peers and some dancehall fans for his egotistical behaviour, with some labelling him a gatekeeper. However, the selector/artiste has defended himself on numerous occasions, boldly accepting the term gatekeeper while highlighting his consistent success as a reason to do so.


During a recent livestream, Matterhorn further defended his methods and warned those foolish enough to think of him as an easy target. Noting that he was always prepared, Matterhorn warned anyone planning on “beating” him to do it properly.

Tony Matterhorn

As he continued to share his warning, Matterhorn unveiled what appeared to be an assault rifle and multiple loaded magazines. After putting away the weapon, Matterhorn proceeded to address the people who were bashing him as a gatekeeper.

According to Matterhorn, having a gatekeeper was essential to maintaining structure and stability, and he was not the only one. Attempting to add a positive twist to the usually negatively viewed term, the Dutty Wine deejay said the music industry needs a system to filter the crowd.

Matterhorn further explained that if they were not gatekeepers like him, new artistes who were not up to standard would ruin the industry.

“The gate is not a bad thing. A gate filters some of the dregs and di grazmite dem. Is not everybody yuh wah run ina yuh yard [ … ] yuh need a gate in a any genre of music. Without a gate, some likkle dutty stinking nasty people… tink dem a artiste would a run ina wi business and f**k it up,” Matterhorn stated.

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