Top 10 Mother’s Day Songs By Jamaican Artistes – See Videos

Jamaican music is globally recognised for its variety and creativity regarding making music on different topics, so it is no surprise that when it comes to showing love to mothers musically, Jamaican artistes are some of the best.

As we celebrate mothers today, check out the following ten Jamaican songs, some over 30 years old, that honour mothers, the list was created by Yardhype and is based on the popularity of the songs.

1. Sizzla Kalonji – Thank You Mama

In this masterpiece, Sizzla highlights the struggles all mothers have to go through to carry a child to term and give birth. He also expresses his wishes to provide for his mother, given the hardships she had to bear to raise him to become a man.

2. Christopher Martin – Mama

Following its release in 2012, this song seems to have grown from strength to strength and is easily one of the most significant songs created by Christopher Martin. The former Digicel Rising Star winner “buss a blank” and highlights all the great things his mother did for him as a child in the song.

3. Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry

As Bob Marley pours his heart out for all women across the world in this work of art, mothers or not, this song is a favourite of many and was released almost 50 years ago. The song has also been featured in several box-office movies.  

4. Jah Vinci – Mama Love

In Mama Love, the global singer shares with the world the affection and value he shows to his mother as he highlights the power of a mother’s love.

5. Vybz Kartel – Mama 

Vybz Kartel’s 2009 song demonstrates his versatility as a musician and underscores his endless love for his mother. This song is widely regarded as one of the most substantial songs from the usually controversial deejay.

6. Garnet Silk – Mama

Garnet Silk delivers soothing vocals in this song dedicated to his mother. Garnett’s unconditional love for his mother, which he showcased in this song, allegedly cost him his life. Reports claim that the singer ran into a burning building to save her life, which led to his death.

7. Marion Hall (formerly Lady Saw) – No Less Than A Woman (Infertility)

In this song, the central point made by Marion Hall is that a woman without children is not less than those who bear them as she motivates women who are infertile and suffering from health complications. She also stated that even without giving birth, women still have love to share with children who do not have mothers.

8. Shaggy – Strength Of A Woman

In this timeless track by Shaggy, the deejay asked, “If God was a woman”, as he traces the great things women have accomplished despite their marginalisation.

9. Judy Mowatt – Black Woman

The song was recorded in 1979 by Judy Mowatt of the legendary group I Threes. She uses her melodious voice to outline the struggle black women had to endure and overcome to make it to a place of freedom today.

10. I-Octane – Mama You Alone

Many fans would agree that this is one of the most powerful tracks ever recorded by I-Octane, where he highlights the struggle faced by single mothers.

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