Tory Lanez Allegedly Beats Up August Alsina

Sunday, September 18, 2022, 9:50 PM GMT-5

American singer August Alsina claims that Tory Lanez gave him the bloody mouth he has in the picture he posted on Instagram today. August says he was cornered and attacked by Tory and his crew yesterday. While August alleges that the photo of himself proves that Tory and his goons assaulted him, Tory denies the allegation. In the IG post, Alsina is leaning against an elevator wall with a bust-up mouth and blood flowing down his chin. In the caption, he gave a detailed description of what happened.

According to the allegation, August claims that when he was leaving a show last night, Tory and eight of his security guards came up to him, surrounded him, and “pressed” him. He wrote that Tory, whose ego was broken, kept asking why he did not “dap him up.” According to August, after Tory spoke about his past situation with Jada Pinkett Smith some years back and took shots at him, he was given the impression that Tory disliked him. Also, August recently overcame being paralyzed, and his doctor ordered him to have less physical contact, especially with corona and monkeypox still spreading, which he says is another reason for not dapping Tory.

August even alleges that Tory was high from smoking a “blunt laced with cocaine.” He added that after Tory punched him, Tory ran behind his crew to go back into the building. “There was never a “fight”! Simply an Assault. Dude has no real friends, and is on a crash out mission,” he continued. He claims that Tory’s crew recorded the incident and urges them to release the footage of the assault. He also notes that he was not going to bring the matter to the internet but found out that Tory was “feeding falsities to the blogs to look for a “moment'” because he could not get one on stage.

However, Tory has responded to the allegation, denying the assault ever happened. In an IG Story post, Tory claims he was in the studio last night. He also says that he is not “in anything negative,” as he is working on himself and “being a better person.”

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