Tripple Gs Banks On Patience With “Just Time”

May 8, 2022

Dancehall artiste Tripple Gs has decided to build on his consistency with the release of a new track entitled “Just Time” which he uses to sing about him fighting the struggle and overcoming it. The entertainer is currently putting in the work from overseas and so far he has done several inspirational songs for the year such as “Overcome”, “I Pray”, “Message” and “Journey”.

To start “Just Time” the deejay uses an introductory verse to sing about having to reset his life every day because of the struggle while trying to find the pieces to the puzzle, and not turning to a life of crime.


For the chorus of the song, Tripple Gs makes it known that he is just working with time in order to see the changes that he wants to witness since he knows that things must change in his favour.

In the second verse of the song, the entertainer reveals that persons have spoken that he would not make it while wishing to take his life. As such the deejay notes that he keeps his gun close beside him for protection even though vengeance belongs to God.

To complete the track, the artiste brings back the chorus then dives into the introductory verse again, and then ends the song with some vocal runs to close off the beat.

This new song from Tripple Gs is evidence of the work he has been putting in ever since his decision to be releasing music consistently as a part of his dream that started from only the songwriting stage in 2013 when he was going through dark times.

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Listen Tripplegs “Just Time” below.


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