Tripple Gs Speaks About Perseverance And Faith In New Track Entitled “Journey”

Dancehall artiste Tripple Gs is at it again, levelling up the effectiveness consistency with every new song that he has released and so far tracks such as “I Pray”, ” Message” and “Overcome”, that he has sent out to the world has been picking up good traction.

In his latest track, the entertainer has decided to sing specifically about the way he has been paving a way for himself so far in life and the title of this new song is called “Journey”.

Previously in a talk with Yardhype, Tripple Gs made mentioned that he started to pen his lyrics almost a decade ago in 2013, while he was experiencing a very dark time in his life and this track no doubt shows the artiste’s experience in songwriting as it was properly crafted with right uses of language and good melodic expressions.

Tripple Gs

The entertainer kicks off the song with a verse that speaks to the journey never being easy, but him having to have the courage to press on and smile even in the face of problems. In explaining his reality, Tripple Gs in the verse stated that perseverance and faith has been his guiding tool on most days.

For the chorus, the singer emphasized his attitude on the journey to let it be known that the mental attitude that he has decided to take is one of loyalty to the point where he never sells out, even though he has been trusted with secrets that he dares not to utter.

The entertainer also speaks of friends of his that have switched up on him as well as bridges that have been burned, however, even throughout those moments, Tripple Gs has decided that it is not the best thing for him to try to fit in, instead, he makes it clear that standing out is what he was born to do even though the system was made as a tool of enslavement.

“Journey” was produced by the entertainer’s record label “Tripple Gs Music” and even though there is no official music video for the song at this moment, the “Overcome” singer seems to have some very loyal fans who have pushed out to support the new song, as it could be seen in the motivational messages in the comments section of the video.

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Listen to “Journey” by Tripple Gs below.

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