TSA Agent Wanted to See Suspicious Item in Woman’s luggage and was Greeted by a Huge D*ldo – Watch Video

A TSA worker was in for a big surprise when she stopped to check a suspicious item inside a woman’s suitcase.

The female TSA worker was filmed just as she was about to open the luggage to inspect its contents, and the inspection immediately concluded when she saw a large adult sex toy.



Much like the rest of the items inside the suitcase, the dildo was neatly packed and not covered. When the TSA worker unzipped the luggage and flipped it up, she was greeted by the well-endowed penis.

However, she played it cool and said, “oh yep that’s what it was,” she then closed the luggage with a smile as the owner of the suitcase giggled.

Watch the video of the TSA worker below:


When the video was shared online, it attracted comments such as, “Damn that was the biggest one they make huh.. lol,” “it got its own section in her luggage 🤣,” and “That TSA agent probably wanted to borrow it 😂.”

See more comments below:


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