U.S. Issues Serious Travel Warning To Tourists Looking To Visit Jamaica

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued level 4 and level 2 travel advisories for Jamaica which sees them strongly warning against travel into the country due to several factors including Covid-19 and violence which has plagued some areas.

Where Covid-19 is concerned, a level 2 aka “Excercise Increased Caution” advisory was issued, the CDC said that the level of the virus in the country is currently at a moderate level, and travelling into the island will put persons at risk of contracting it and developing severe symptoms.

This according to CDC can be avoided, however, if a person gets fully vaccinated with an FDA authorized vaccine before any travel internationally but on the other hand, they have advised tourists against travel into the country since the mandatory quarantine implemented by the Jamaican Government might affect tourists capability to leave the country.

The other warning they have issued is the travelling to certain areas of the island due to the level of violent crimes, for this, a level 4 aka “Do Not Travel” advisory was issued.

Some of these criminal activities that the CDC warned tourists to expect upon travel to certain areas are home invasions, sexual assaults, homicides, and armed robberies.

Where it concerns sexual assault, the organization has pushed forward for tourists to take heed at the all-inclusive resorts since the mentioned criminal behaviour usually takes place at those locations with the additional problem of the country lacking the right resources to effectively respond to criminal activity alerts.


For the places listed on the do not travel list, the CDC has warned against areas in Kingston such as Cassava Piece, Downtown Kingston, Trench Town, Tivoli Gardens, Grants Pen, Standpipe Arnett Gardens.

In Montego Bay, the organization has issued a warning for tourists to avoid visiting areas like Canterbury, Clavers Street, Flankers, Hart Street, Rose Heights, and Norwood due to the rampant outbreak of violence that has plagued those locations.

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