Uganda Passes Bill Imposing The Death Penalty On Anyone Who Identifies As LGBTQ – Watch Video

The Ugandan government approved the world’s most harsh anti-gay law on Tuesday. Accordingly, the punishments for anyone caught identifying as LGBTQ or in any acts relating to this are punishable by death or being imprisoned for a maximum of 20 years.

The new law represents a further crackdown on LGBTQ persons in a nation where same-sex relationships were previously forbidden and subject to a life sentence in prison. It prohibits a variety of actions, including conspiring to participate in homosexuality and assisting in the spread of homosexuality.

The measure states that incidents involving aggravated homosexuality, which is a phrase used to describe a wide range of sex activities, carried out against minors, those with physical or mental impairments, by a serial offender, or involving incest, can result in the death sentence being applied.

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A Member of Parliament, Musa Ecweru, stated in a Parliament address that their aim was to protect their morals and culture. He went further to say that the law was made for themselves as adults, their children, and the generation that would follow; he also affirmed that the country would not waver in reinforcing the law and making sure that homosexuals had no place in the country.

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