Ugandan Farmer with 10 Wives, 98 Children, and 568 Grandchildren – Watch Video

While most countries may not recognise polygamy as a legal union between a man and multiple women, polygamous relationships are legal in Uganda, and one may see a family with an abundance of children. Ugandan farmer Mussa Hassadji has no doubt taken full advantage of that law and has acquired ten wives, 98 children, and 568 grandchildren.

Sharing the origins of his immense family, Hassadji said he grew up in a low-income family and was forced to drop out of school. When he met his first wife, his family was too poor to afford her dowry, but he married her regardless.

Hassadji started a millet trading business to earn a living for his family and eventually began raising livestock. With the success of his business, the farmer paid the dowry for his first wife—three cows and four goats—and married for the second time.

When he chose to marry a third time, Hassadji reduced the dowry to two cows, as he believed he was spending too much. Upon taking his sixth wife, Hassadji opened a butchery to sustain his growing family.

Now 67, the elderly farmer lives with his ten wives in the same house. Each wife was gifted an acre of farmland for themselves and their children, some of whom now have families of their own. Some of Hassadji’s children are housed nearby, though he admitted to not knowing the names of all of them but says he can differentiate them when necessary.

The sixty-seven-year-old says he has developed a reputation for being a hard worker, and parents are more than willing to have him marry their daughters. But the farmer believes it is time to stop as he is getting old.

Watch the video below.