Usain Bolt and NJ Return with the Single ‘Thankful’

Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 5:01 PM GMT-5

Continuing his musical pursuits with his manager and close friend Nugent ‘NJ’ Walker, retired track star Usain Bolt returns with the track Thankful.

The uplifting track begins with a humorous voiceover as a child recites jokes for his father. The playful voiceover serves as a suitable intro for the song’s music video, which captures festive moments from Bolt’s 2023 Christmas treat.

As the video showcases Bolt rolling out with his A-Team onto the fairgrounds, NJ commences the first verse of the track. Within the verse, the singer reflects on his journey and how he persevered before entering the chorus of the song.

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“Cuz life always has its ups and downs. Survival of the fittest is the noun. Believe in your dreams, put in everything, everything. Yes, you can win. Just be thankful, thankful for life. Yes, be grateful to see another day and night. Always thankful, thankful. Let’s be grateful, grateful, memba the most valuable thing in life is life,” NJ sings.

Bolt further reinforces the reassuring and optimistic themes of the song with a motivational voiceover for the track’s outro before the final performance of the chorus. Following Thankful‘s release on New Year’s Day, it has so far acquired over 52,735 views on YouTube.

Watch the video below.

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