Vybz Kartel Calls Out Waggonist Fans; Says They Will Return “NEXT YEAR WHEN ME JUMP OUT”

Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 9:33 AM GMT-5

In a post that has the Dancehall community in a frenzy, incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel calls out all “DI WAGGONIST DEM” who like to hop from one Dancehall artiste’s camp to the other.

According to The King & The Prince artiste, he is a veteran in the music business and knows how things work. He stated, “NEXT YEAR WHEN ME JUMP OUT, ALL A DI WAGGONIST DEM WEH GONE A GO COME BACK PON DI VYBZ KARTEL WAGON.”


However, he made it clear that this would not be possible as he has long since upgraded from a wagon to “A FERARRI THIS TIME.” Kartel implies that as Dancehall fans, the loyalty to one camp, such as his (the Gaza Nation) is lacklustre.

See the full post below:

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The post which was initially shared to Kartel’s Instagram was reuploaded by Pinkwall on Instagram where a lot of Dancehall fans reacted to what the deejay had to say, stating that he should not be so sure that he would be released from prison next year, and that he made the post because of Masicka’s successful album, Generation of Kings.

One individual, _lovelyrosse, said, “I don’t see how you can hate inside of a jail you even get out,” while next_generation_utes wrote, “Who tell kartel him a come out lol,kartel hate see other youth win I bet any money a masicka album have him inna him feelings…”

On the other hand, some loyal fans of the deejay stood by his side with rochelle19_stating, “Anything me artist say a law,” and theharrisons501 mentioned, “Y’all need to stop call up Masicka name because a kartel buss Masicka…that’s his son. He’s addressing his fans and Gaza vloggers. Stop applying your own meaning with assumptions…if you don’t understand Lowe it.”

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