Vybz Kartel Targeted By Scammers

May 1, 2019

“Biggup every scamma weh mek US dolla” A line from one of Vybz Kartel’s popular songs is backfiring on him again, this time via facebook. According to Sikka Rhymes Vybz Kartel is currently being targeted even though he’s behind bars, the business partner and protege of Kartel explains that persons are collecting money for dubs etc via a facebook page called ‘Vybz Kartel’, Sikka went on to explain that the real Vybz Kartel facebook page is called ‘Adidja Azim Palmer’ and has a blue verification badge.

In a recent interview with the Jamaica Star Sikka stated “It’s so sad that people would want to take from a man that is behind bars. At least you have your freedom so please do something positive with your time so that you can leave a legacy for yourselves,” he said.


Vybz Kartel does not voice dubplates, Sikka stated “We are asking DJs/selectors to do their homework before sending their money to these people. Vybz Kartel is incarcerated and is not doing dub programmes. Furthermore, only a few persons can do business on behalf of Vybz Kartel, myself included,”.

Vybz Kartel was previously targeted back in 2013 when then persons were going around asking for money to help with Kartel’s legal process. Sikka also made note that Kartel is not making this get him down as he has bigger problems such as his appeal.

Vybz Kartel and his 3 co-accused Shawn “Shawn Storm” Campbell, Khaira Jones and Andre St. John were convicted and sentenced to life back in 2014 for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The police believe that Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was killed at Vybz Kartel’s home located in Havendale, St Andrew. According to text messages, Lazard was murdered mid-August of 2011.


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