WATA Pumps $5M more Into Reggae Boyz’ FIFA World Cup Journey to Qatar

October 13, 2021 5:03 PM

WATA is announcing its additional sponsorship to the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) for the Reggae Boyz’ 2022 FIFA World Cup Journey to Qatar to the tune of $5 million. The Wisynco beverage brand is also leading the charge in encouraging Jamaicans to place their support behind the Boyz with the launch of its #ReggaeWave social media campaign to support the national team ahead of their next qualifier against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on Wednesday. 

WATA®, the official hydration sponsor of Jamaica’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 campaign, has stepped up its support of the team in an effort to assist the JFF to cover expenses on the journey.  


Brand Manager for WATA, Tiffany Simmonds, explains that WATA®’s decision to support the JFF on their campaign is representative of the brand’s continued support of the Reggae Boyz over the years; and is only one of a number of sponsorships WATA® has made to the development of sports in Jamaica. “Over the years, WATA®’s support of sports across Jamaica extends beyond financial sponsorship as the needs of the sport are greater than just finances.” 

“This support to the JFF is also support for the fans. We want to keep the sport alive and keep the fans excited and committed to the team despite our absence from the stands. Our commitment is to stick with the game and by extension the team as we believe that football is still the sport of Jamaicans,” she continues. 

Simmonds is confident that this sponsorship will help boost the confidence of the team as they prepare for a must win match with Honduras. She indicates that their corporate sponsorship is indicative of their belief that the team will do well. She is encouraging the senior football team to continue to play with skill, heart and pride and to give their best. “We [Jamaicans] are rooting for the team wherever they play, and as a company we are willing to support them so they can perform at the highest standard,” shares Simmonds.

It is with this in mind that Simmonds is also launching the WATA® #ReggaeWave social media campaign, which is intended to send love and support to the Boyz as they play without the energy of spectators. Simmonds believes that this virtual support is integral to remind the Reggae Boyz that Jamaicans are fully behind them and are waving their support from home to them abroad. Football fans are encouraged to send encouraging words to the team via social media platforms using the hashtag #ReggaeWave on game day, Wednesday, October 13, 2021. 

“Let’s cheer the Boyz on as they represent us on the world stage, especially now as the stakes are high,” she asserts. 

Visit the @officialwata pages to learn more about WATA®’s #ReggaeWave campaign.



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