WATCH: Queenie and Dowey Shoots “Nuh Fake Brand” Music Video

Queenie and Dowey appear to have worked out their differences, and divorce no longer seemed to be up for consideration. The couple emerged on the set of a music video shoot, dancing for Dowey’s forthcoming single, “Nuh Fake Brand.”

The current status of Queenie and Dowey’s relationship has sparked speculation that their latest fallout might have been a publicity stunt. It was only last Friday that Queen Ladi Gangsta went live, venting her marital problems and her desire to divorce her husband. 

During the rant, she claimed her husband hated her, physically fought her, and allowed his friend to threaten her child. Tonight marks the first time Queenie and Dowey have been seen in public together since the live stream. Viewers were shocked to find that they were happily shooting a music video and grinding on each other.

While Queenie wore a long-sleeved red blouse with red shorts, her husband was clad in a green turtleneck long-sleeve shirt, grey vest, and black pants. His neck was draped with gold chains, and he wore sunglasses.

The video shoot, which was apparently streamed live on Instagram, shows the two lovers dancing next to a red luxury vehicle at night in a parking lot. As they danced, Dowey busted some moves on his wife as she bent over and twerked.

“We nuh inna nuh knock off. Ladi Gansta nuh inna nuh knock off,” Dowey is heard singing in the background. The song evidently speaks about the rising dancehall singer’s rich style and charm with the ladies.

Meanwhile, the live stream was being operated by a male who advised viewers to “stay outta people business.” When Queenie joined him, he told her that the viewers were saying that the other day was all for the promotions, which irritated her.

She responded by telling the audience, “Unuh kiss mi rass…” There was also an announcement that Queenie and Dowey will be doing an interview, which is scheduled to be released on Celebrity TV JA’s platform.

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Queenie posted the video shoot on Instagram with the caption, “Crazy Never Lazy Behind the scenes.” Many viewers who took to the comments with what they thought about the situation commented that it was only fake drama for promotion, and another said he/she believed “queenie a the problem.”

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