WATCH: Usain Bolt vs Chris Gayle ‘Race is on’

Monday, May 6, 2024, 9:13 PM GMT-5

Former Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle is not backing down from the challenge he issued to long-time friend Usain Bolt and has vowed to a face off with the renowned sprinter on the track.

Last month during an interview for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Gayle reflected on a previous face off with Bolt that unfolded on the cricket pitch. Before both of their retirements, the former West Indies captain was outed by Bolt during a charity match and has been trying to convince the sprinter to race him since.

After issuing his challenge again last month, Gayle continues to show that he has no plans to back down. On Monday, Bolt shared a video of the pair seemingly running into each other at an airport, with Gayle expressing that a date is to be set for their race.

While Gayle appeared confident, Bolt warned him that he was not ready.

Viewers of the video expressed an interest in watching the race between the friends, with some jokingly agreeing with Bolt that Gayle was not prepared, while others said that the former cricketer may surprise him.

View some of the comments below.

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