Wayne Wonder Explains Why He and Buju Banton Drifted Apart

Thursday, June 20, 2024, 10:05 AM GMT-5

Von Wayne Charles, more widely known by his moniker Wayne Wonder, sat down to speak about many topics on the Entertainment Report Podcast, including why his relationship with prominent Reggae artiste Buju Banton (birth name Mark Anthony Myrie) drifted apart.

Talking about the breakdown of their relationship during the interview, Wayne Wonder said, “I guess you know sometime, mi guess you grow ennuh…sometimes my path is not your path and..my place is not your place and…my role is not your role.”

He stated that sometimes that’s just how life unfolds and “each to his own.”

Over the course of their friendship, the two entertainers have done extensive work with each other including multiple collaborations like I Don’t Know Why, Bonafide Love, What You Gonna Do, Searching, and Give Love A Try.

All the above were songs from the Penthouse label (Flashback 1993 – 1999).

However, according to Wayne Wonder, life happened and he and Buju naturally went their separate ways. Wayne also spoke on having kids and taking up this new role that did not allow for things done previously to be continued, “A juss life, the journey of life.”

Watch the video below:


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