Westmoreland Pastor Suspended After Compromising Dance Video Goes Viral

A video recently surfaced on the internet of a man dancing behind a woman who is intimately braced against him. Speculations circulated if the man that was caught on camera was actually an assistant pastor dancing with the scantily clad woman.

These speculations were indeed confirmed accurate when the man was contacted by the Jamaica Observer.
Deoanite Kwane Foster is an assistant pastor at the Sacred Heart Spiritual Church of Jesus Christ International. The church is located in Cook’s Street, Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland. He has been faithfully serving the church since 2008 without a drop of indiscretion according to sources.

However, after the social media post went viral, his fellow congregants are said to be praying for him with a vow to not turn their backs on him in his time of weakness.
Foster revealed that he wasn’t aware that the video was made until after it surfaced on the internet. His statements to the Jamaica Observer explained that he wasn’t at the venue for long. The venue, according to the posts, appeared to be a club where he was allegedly giving a sermon.
He openly stated that the church had already taken disciplinary actions by giving him a suspension. He added with remorse that he made a mistake, and he has learned his lesson.


Some persons on social media have disregarded with his words of regret and continue to chastise him for his mistakes, but the senior of the church, Apostle Ray Foster (who is not related to the pastor), has shown sympathy. He stated that while they can’t keep him as a leader, they would never send him away.
Apostle Ray Foster reminded everyone that anyone can make mistakes, as we are all humans.

He briefly mentioned that people will always put the worst things that happen in the spotlight instead of the good. Apostle Foster’s advice to everyone is that they should stay far away from things that evoke temptation, and apply wisdom in all that they do.

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