WHO Gives Strong Monkeypox Warning After Outbreaks Surpass 1000 Cases

On Wednesday The World Health Organization released a report through Tedros Ghebreyesus stating that the risk of Monkeypox is becoming a greater threat in non-endemic nations with over one thousand of those cases existing in the mentioned countries.

So far WHO has reported that there have been no deaths associated with the Monkey Pox outbreaks, however, nine African countries have been said to have humans with the disease being endemic in them. Several European countries have also been experiencing outbreaks such as Spain, Britain and Portugal.

The over one thousand cases that have been reported to WHO were said to have come from 29 countries that are not endemic.

Where the symptoms are concerned, Monkeypox is said to cause a blistery rash similar to those caused by chickenpox, high fever and swollen lymph nodes.

Tedros Ghebreyesus has expressed his concern for vulnerable groups such as pregnant women and children and that the existence of the virus in non-endemic countries is a serious matter since it means that transmission of the virus has likely been already taking place.

Ghebreyesus also mentioned that the virus has been plaguing African countries for years further stating that just this year alone there have been 1400 reported cases on the continent with 66 deaths. As for the non-endemic countries, WHO stated that once there is one case existent in a country they are considered to have an outbreak.

As a way to move forward the WHO gave information that they will be providing guidance in short order about how to approach clinical care, vaccination, community protection, as well as prevention and control. They also warned persons who have been experiencing symptoms to isolate themselves at home and avoid close contact with others living in the same home.

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