Woman Uses Dead Uncle in Wheelchair to Try Withdraw Money from Bank

Footage is now making rounds online of a disturbing incident that unfolded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, involving a woman named Érika de Souza pushing her deceased uncle, Paulo Braga, into a bank in a wheelchair. It has left authorities and the public stunned.

De Souza, aged 42, was captured on surveillance footage manoeuvring the lifeless body of Braga through a mall before arriving at the bank in an attempt to withdraw 17,000 reais from his account.


While inside the bank, De Souza placed a pen between Braga’s fingers and encouraged him to sign a document, despite his obvious lifelessness. Bank employees grew increasingly concerned and ultimately alerted the police, resulting in de Souza’s arrest on the scene.

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Rio de Janeiro Civil Police chief Fábio Souza has shed light on the timeline of events, revealing that cadaver spots found on Braga’s head indicated he had likely been deceased for around two hours prior to the incident. This detail suggests that Braga may have passed away before being wheeled into the bank.

Authorities are also investigating the relationship between de Souza and Braga, as she claims to be his niece and caretaker. Souza’s conduct, described as ‘inhumane’, has led to charges of attempted theft by fraud and desecration of a corpse.

In an interview with de Souza, she asserted that Braga had died while they were at the bank, a claim disputed by law enforcement based on the evidence of livor mortis, a post-mortem process that would have taken around two hours to become apparent. This bizarre incident has been met with disbelief and astonishment, with Souza remarking that in his extensive career, he has never encountered such a troubling case.

Authorities are now attempting to locate the rideshare driver who transported de Souza and her deceased uncle to the bank. They are also scrutinising the veracity of de Souza’s claims about her relationship with Braga, seeking to identify additional family members.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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