Woman Wants Help To Do A DNA Test

A woman in her mid-twenties said she made a mistake and she’s now seeking help from a company that offers DNA testing to clarify who the biological father of her child is.

After her spouse of 10 years, who she has a son with, betrayed her when she caught him in bed with another woman in 2019, Jane who is from Kingston, had a one night stand with her best friend and then later she developed a relationship with another man, which later ended.

Her baby father does not want to pay for the test because he had taken her to court for negligence and she took him back for child maintenance, which he had been paying up until he demanded the test because the little girl started resembling someone else.

Jane said the test is believed to be $50,000 and she can not afford it. She also noted that being that she still has feelings for her babyfather, she wanted the child to be his.

Her current concerns were that her babyfather said she had to repay him all the money he spent on the little girl if she was not his.

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