Youtuber Gio Arrested – Watch Video

Popular YouTuber Gio, one half of the Gio and Ken duo, was allegedly arrested by traffic police after being pulled over in Kingston. Video footage of the incident shows Gio being handcuffed by a police officer while Ken stood by his side through the entire ordeal.

Gio and his girlfriend Ken are a YouTube couple that is known for pulling pranks on each other, then posting them on the platform to entertain their subscribers. They have a standing of 547K subscribers currently.


There have been some rumours going around since earlier in the year that Gio is involved with scamming and a resharing of a post by Ken’s official Instagram account had a lot of fans believing that this might be true. However, there was never any official confirmation as the pages were also rumoured to have been hacked. Speculations suggest that the arrest might have something to do with this.

Since the arrest was allegedly made by a traffic police, reasons outside of speculations could be an outstanding warrant for unpaid tickets, refusal to sign citation, speeding, a route traffic violation, possession of an illegal weapon, driving under the influence, a prank, lottery scamming or any charges having to do with vehicular manslaughter.

Take a look at the video of his arrest below:

After the fact, someone reached out to Pinkwall to give an update on Gio being apprehended. Further details were mentioned that state the arrest took place outside the Terra Nova Hotel (with Ken videoing the incident) while the car they were travelling in, a silver BMW, was still parked in the road as opposed to the YouTuber pulling over onto the sidewalk.

A commenter mentioned that Gio just landed in the country and then the next day he was arrested, suggesting that it is likely that he was on the authority’s radar.

Watch the video below for more:


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