11 Murders Committed In Jamaica In The Past 24 Hours

After the monstrous start of the year with the murder count already in high gear, 11 people have just been reported to have been killed in the past 24 hours, which steps things up, even more, giving the Government and the Police more reasons to implement better crime-fighting strategies.

In response to the situation Deputy Commissioner in charge of crime, Fitz Bailey spoke out on the matter, referring to it as acts of domestic terrorism that have been haunting Jamaica. 

Apart from the 11 deceased, were two women who were said to have had their lives taken by gunmen in the parish of Westmoreland which is a part of the reason why the DCP has expressed that Jamaica is off to a bad start in the year 2022.

This surge of violent crime in the country has caused Fitz Bailey to make a statement too, saying that Jamaica should be called out for the nature of the ongoing criminality on the island.

As a word of assurance though, the DCP stated that the JCF will be pushing back hard on the criminal activities to bring the numbers down, however, he also highlighted that to properly move forward the Government and the JCF will need to have their remuneration issues sorted out.

He outlined that the issue is the cause of high command members of the Police force not being able to motivate their lower-ranking officers, which is a necessary factor to attentively solve the rising crime rate.

On the other hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued level 4 and level 2 travel advisories for Jamaica which sees them strongly warning against travel into the country due to several factors including Covid-19 and violence which has plagued some areas.

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