3 Girl Students Fighting In Half Way Tree

Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 6:40 PM GMT-5

Three female students were captured in a video fighting in front of the Transport Centre in Half Way Tree. 

The high school students were throwing fists at each other in what seemed to be a two-ganging up on one brawl.


The Camperdown High School female student, who was being beaten by the two other girls from a different school, received many hits in her head and back before a man jumped into the middle of the altercation and struggled to pull the females apart.

While the man wrestled to put an end to the fight, a fourth student also briefly attempted to help, but it wasn’t without great difficulty.

When the girls were finally separated, the Camperdown student, who was enraged blurted an expletive before heading back towards one of her foes.

A fifth student was on the sidelines arguing.

Watch the video of the students fighting below.


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