5 Foreigners Brutally Attacked In Kingston

ZJ Sparks is well known for always sharing exciting posts on her page and on Saturday she did the same. Still, this time what she shared with her followers shocked them a bit as it was a screenshot of a post from an Instagram page that goes by the handle @mistaa777 surrounding a story of how five Americans were brutally attacked in Kingston.

Based on the information shared by @mistaa777 the incident occurred around 2:56 a.m when they left the Marriot Hotel to go to Ribbiz for a birthday celebration. According to the person who shared the story, they called a shuttle from the hotel which dropped them off at the venue but were disappointed to hear that Ribbiz were only accepting reservations on the night.

The person explained what had unfolded by letting it know that they tried contacting the hotel at least 6 times for a shuttle to head back however, none came and a local recommended they get a taxi to get them back with his help.

After getting into a taxi, the foreigner who shared the story said they had on GPS which showed them they were 3 minutes away from the hotel but that quickly changed to 7 minutes after the local in the car began to direct the taxi man.

Upon seeing what was taking place, @mista777 said his friend who was in the front seat of the taxi said things did not feel right whereafter the car was said to have slowed down in a dark alley she took the opportunity and jumped out of the moving vehicle. After she did that, the story goes on to state that she started to run however the local went after her to take her belonging but was chased by the person telling the story who said he punched and kicked him up.

That situation, according to the foreigner, let the robber shout “stab him up” which led to another man jumping out of the taxi’s trunk with a knife to attack one of his other friends. After seeing that situation, the man who said his name was Kalif Fleming, said he went to defend his friend who was fighting the other man with the knife but got cuts all over the hand.

Upon him going back to the car, the foreigner explained that the window of the taxi was down and so he went to the window and grabbed the driver then started to smack his head on the window which cause blood to splatter all over him and the taxi man begging to bring them back.

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