7 Goal Thriller – Dunbeholden vs. Cavelier – Watch Match Highlights

Friday, July 1, 2022, 11:38 AM GMT-5

In what some are calling the greatest Jamaica Premier League(JPL) match ever, Dunbeholden and Cavelier fought for supremacy in Thursday’s match at Sabina Park.

Last season’s JPL Champions Cavelier have faced Dunbeholden three times this season and had much to prove after Dunbeholden beat them 2-1 in their first match together in March, then a draw on June 9, and was defeated once again on June 26, Dunbeholden winning 1-0. Both teams gave it their all yesterday leaving fans at the edge of their seats in an intense match but ultimately Dunbeholden came out on top.

15 minutes into the game Attacker Kimonie Bailey secured the first goal in the match for Dunbeholden with an assist from Shakeen Powell. Later, Number 10 Cavelier Midfield Attacker Dwayne Atkinson seeing an opening on Demario Phillips’ flank made a great 44th-minute strike for the defending champions.

But no player could top Atapharoy Bygrave who showed no mercy to his former team, coming out of last night’s match with two goals, making that thirteen for this Season. This makes Bygrave joint leading goal scorer with Daniel Green in the Premier League.

The match ended with Cavelier 3-4 Dunbeholden. Dunbeholden will be facing off with Harbour View in the team’s first Premier League finals on Sunday. When asked about Sunday’s upcoming match, Dunbeholden assistant coach Ricardo Smith said that whether three days was enough time to prepare for their match with Harbour View or not, they played to reach the finals and they will give it their best.

Coach Smith also congratulated players on both teams, who he thought gave high-class goals no different than those we have seen from players on international teams like Manchester and Liverpool. Which he says proves that if Jamaica had more high-quality pitches like the one they played on last night, the country could produce top-class players.

Watch the match below.

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